Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Argentina, Zolo, Mendoza, 2004, Malbec

Name: Zolo
Country: Argentina
Region: Mendoza
Grape(s): Malbec, Red
Vintage: 2004
Colour: Crimson/ruby
Smell: A very pronounced spiciness to this wine – full of cinnamon, gloves, nutmeg. Daddy picked up a touch of petrol!!!! Really lovely aroma – smells like christmas
Taste: The flavour was very berry flavoured, I could taste black berries, cherries – was just lovely. The flavour was very much an off dry flavour with a short length meaning that it the flavour didn’t hang around in the mouth for too long. It had low tannin levels too giving it a lighter body and completely glubable. Very nice indeed.
Food ate with wine: A light cheese fondue. The combination of this light cheese and read wine was really fantastic Conclusion: A great wine.
WINEDEX: 9 out of 10
Final comments: Malbec is clearly one of my favourite grapes in the world. It never lets me down. The spicy/fruity aromas and flavour create a beautiful velvety flavours and lots of movement in the drink. As it sits and the air gets to it I really do think the flavours get better and more intense. I would recommend this bottle and this brand. A great wine. This malbec was 4 years old I would like to try a young malbec and see if there is a contrast and see if age really does made the malbec a better mature drink or a young drink
. Watch this space.

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