Thursday, November 27, 2008

France, Fat Bastard, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007

Name: Fat bastard, Thierry & Guy
Country: French Wine
Notes: Thierry Boudinaud is a French winemaker who believes that "the average consumer hated the traditional intimidation heaped upon them by most of the wine industry." He partnered with British winemaker Guy Anderson to produce and distribute FAT bastard wine, which is labeled by the variety of grape from which it is made.
FAT bastard is a French wine produced and distributed by a British and French partnership. A 2005 survey found that 72% of the adult French population finds it difficult to understand French wine labels, and the problem is not unique to that country. Research found many consumers, disliked wine labels that picture chateaux, that appear elitist, and that are difficult to understand. FAT bastard appears to solve that marketing problem. The label reflects the fact that most New World (and many Old World) consumers prefer to buy "brand name" wines that are labeled by the variety of grape from which they are made. (source:
Grape(s): Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2007
Colour: Deep ruby
Smell: Its has very much a black berry, cherry flavour. – There was a kind of vegetal taste as well but I couldn’t put my finger on it.
Taste: : This was as the label said a rich, round full body wine. Lots of tannin and very much on the dry side of taste. It did have good length to it too. Again the flavours were fruity based.
Conclusion: This was a acceptable wine.
WINEDEX: 6 out of 10
Final comments: I bought this because I had never seen a bottle called “Fat Bastard” before and I really wanted to know what this tasted like. I am also have fan of Caberne Sauvignon. This was a young Cabernet Sauvignon and too be honest this bottle may have been smoother had it been a bit more mature. The youngness of the drink (2007) could have meant that the full body flavour wasn’t as smooth as it could be or even as I would have liked. It was on more on the rough side. I would definitely buy this bottle again but leave it a few years to see if letting it sit for a few years helps this flavour. Anyway it will be cool to have a bottle sat there called Fat Bastard…people will remember it!! Good marketing ploy!!

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