Saturday, November 15, 2008

France - Piper Heidsieck Champagne

We went to the JW Marriott all you can eat champagne brunch. Ken had his best friend out Des and his wife Mary and Tracey, mark, Charlotte, B and I all joined them. It was an excellent afternoon full of eating, drinking, dancing on the stage, just plain sillyness. At the end of the evening having ate tonnes and drunk tonnes we finally found out that between 8 of us we had consumed 10 bottles of champagne. Well......what's new....really!!

The champagne on today's menu was a Piper Heidsieck. Its not one that I would buy regularly I have only drunk it at the JW Marriott. Its a beautiful sight a glass of champagne - everyone smells and yells when the bottle pops...its always synonymous with some kind of momentus celebration. OK we were at brunch - nothing major to celebrate but the thought of great company, good food and you know a great afternoon is ahead.

So what was this champagne like you ask......??

Really pretty light golden colour - filled with bubbles just rising to the surface. To watch the bubbles in motion can be some what are waiting in readiness for the toast so you can taste this pretty drink...

The bubbles did last a good while another indication of a good champagne.

I always find it difficult to smell a champagne. The bubbles get in the way and interfere with the smelling. It has rather light smell...but enough to ensure its present was known.

IT WAD YUMMY!!As the first drink of the day i did find it a tad strong. it kind of kicked up a bit as if to wake up your taste buds and lift them from their hibernating state.
It was definitely on the dry side of life.....but champagne that is dry is always good....its kind of my preference.
No tannin going on....
It held a very grapefruity position..that was what I picked up first...citrus was definitely the flavour of the day. Possibly some hints of green apples and gooseberries too.
It held its own and fairly medium bodied to me..and had a sort of medium length....

I ate primarily fish with this champagne and I have to say it did go very well. I would say this a good quality champagne. Well its history proves it, its been around since 1785. It was great and was also nice as a buck fizz as well. check out the website..the music alone is great and the content is interesting...

WINDEX:8 out of 10

My only complaint and this is purely me...i am still not in love with French wine and champagne. I am definitely a new world wine and sparkling wine drinker....I will continue to tackle the french wine and champagne...I have got to get over this ....xx

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