Saturday, November 15, 2008

Argentina - Santa Julia - Mendoza - Cabernet Sauvignon - 2007

Santa Julia was served up with a really yummy chicken wrapped in bacon with a tomatoe and mushroom sauce with a side dish of potato wedges. The meal was compliments of Tracey - who cooked this meal. She is a great at putting on a great meal.

Name: Santa Julia

Country: Argentina
Grape(s): Cabernet Sauvignon
Colour:It was a lovely ruby colour - nice and deep. On appearance it looked like it would be a light red wine.
Smell: Its smell was light again adding to the thought that it would be a light red wine to drink. Its smelled quite spicy with a distinctively black pepper flavour. The label said black currents but I couldn't identify with that, but we could pick up a hint of cranberry - that was charlotte's suggestions and I thought that was very good. For me it was clearly on the spicy side of life.
Taste: It was definitely a full bodied spicy/black peppery Cabernet sauvignon taste. Lots of vegetable hints - not overly earthy but defintaly on that route. which was surprising given its light scent. Again proving that smell and taste can be distinctly different. It was definitely dry - not doubt about that It was very acidic either given it spicy smell and taste and its tannin levels were high. The taste lasted a while suggesting a some what medium length considering it full body attitude it was unusual.
Conclusion: This was an acceptable wine. I think maybe having it with chicken wrapped in bacon may have not been a good match. the wedges did well particularly as they had a lot of of salt and pepper seasoning. It was fine - it didn't stand out, it tasted average and OK. I think I would probably give this a bash again with a slightly heavier dinner to see if it reacts better. I don't know the price because it was bought by Tracey. But I will check that up next time.
Winedex: 6 out of 10
Final Comments:"Its good, I would drink it again, if there was nothing else on the menu that I liked I would probably have drunk that" I just looked up the wine buyer to see what they had to say about this wine. I was right i think a stronger meat will make this wine perform better. On the first introduction thought I am going to stick with my windex at this time until future notice.

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