Saturday, November 15, 2008


Here is my quick reference WINDEX. Just in case you want to use it.

o - awful...just awful...never touch the stuff again.
1 -
Nope...its not worth it really.....
2 -
why do people bother to make wine this bad....the smell should be enough to put you off.
3 - I think we got something there but really...there is better...
4 - Its OK...I would drink it again but I would want to mix it with a fruit juice or soft drink just to bring it too life.
5 - Not bad - not my favourite, not my worst choice. Its definately glugable and I would serve this up at a party cos it would suit lots of people and wouldn't hurt them
6 - Its good, I would drink it again, if there was nothing else on the menu that I liked I would probably have drunk that.
7 - We are on to something here. It taste great, and I am impressed. I would buy this again for sure...
8 - Very acceptable. This looks great, smells lovely, the drink is very enjoyable and I am about to open the second bottle on this one...
9 - A great wine. Taste and smelt great. It was such an enjoyable drink. Am not really keen on sharing...people should get their own bottle...
10 - An outstanding wine. These wine folk really know their wine, it smells fantastic, it taste great, it just outstanding. I need to buy more of this...this did it for me..

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