Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Morrocco, Merlot 2006

Name: Havana,
Country: Morocco, Beni M'Tir appellation
Grape(s): Merlot
Vintage: 2006
Colour: nice deep purple
Smell: first instinct, very nice! A clean, light aroma with a lovely airy fruity scent. Blackberries was the first level of aroma. Infact it was a bit like smelling ribena. Then as the aromas developed we could smell more earthy tones, more peaty in depth. I was a bit confused by this scent because I thought morocco had a warmer climate.
Taste: This was a off dry, low acidity, low tannin, light bodied flavour. But I was a bit disappointed with the flavour. It tasted quite watery and had a honey flavour. The length was pretty short.

Conclusion: It was OK wine. The aromas were more exciting than the flavours.

WINEDEX: 4 out of 10. (But I wont mix with fruit juice….)

Final Comments: I was so excited about this wine because it was an African wine and I totally love trying new regions and see unknown wine regions make their mark in the wine world. This was my first Moroccan wine so to be honest as a first introduction it was disappointment but I wont give up I want to try others and never let the first variety lay claim to be representation of the brand.

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