Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chile - Villard - Merlot - 2006

Name: Villard
Country: Chile, Casablanca Valley
Grape(s): Merlot
Vintage: 2006
Colour: Dark ruby colour
Smell: Lots of things happening here. I found it fruity, yet spicy and vegetable levels of the aroma and then a buttery scent would also come through. It was quite pronounced aromas which made me think that this would be a much heavier merlot.
Taste: Dry, medium acidity, medium tannins with a long length. As predicted it was a heavy merlot with lots of body but still tasted velvety. Its thicker denser body made it very smooth and not a rough wine.
Conclusion: An good wine
WINEDEX: 8 out of 10
Final comments: Well we couldn’t hold out too long challenging a Uruguayan Merlot to a Chile merlot. Both very distinct flavours. I really liked this merlot I loved the full body of this wine and really fancied a nice piece of steak to go with it. This was my type of merlot and thoroughly enjoyed drinking it.

If I was to compare them, well they were very different. You could tell that the Chilean merlot came from a cooler climate and the Uruguay was from a warmer climate.

We intend to challenge a few merlots from this region …so let’s see how that goes down. Watch this space.

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